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Ready, Set, Answer!

Getting ready for those Top Questions! (Part 1 of 2)

One of the most wonderful things about being a Christmas Performer happens when we get a chance to do Q&A with our audience, be it one person or big groups. I’ve put together a list of the top 25 questions that folks could ask, and a few tough ones as well. This exercise is very helpful and, if you perform as a DUO, it’s VERY important that both of you are on the same page!

One Caveat—There are so many ways to ask, “What about this question, True?” or say, “I’ve never been asked that, but I have been asked THIS.” It’s all relative, the order isn’t critical, and there are NO perfect answers. But some questions have to be answered carefully. A rookie on a home visit, when asked by kids, “Santa, where are your Reindeer?” may answer, “Outside, of course!” And then they have to deal with pandemonium when the kids go diving for the door or windows. Consider your answers with a mindset of how your words will be received. And PLEASE, post your funniest, strangest, hardest questions in the comments and how you responded. Share the Wealth!

The Question and Answer Exercise

Read through the questions list and jot down anything that springs to mind while you ask yourself these questions. Know that every answer can lead to even more questions. Write down a few of those, too.

Set up an audio recorder or, better yet, a video recorder. Have someone sit down and ask you these questions as if they were a variety of people (someone young, old, jaded, true believer, etc.). You don’t have to get through them all in one sitting. Try a few during a car trip or while on a walk.

Your goal is to answer the questions in Character, not too glibly, and in a matter-of-fact sincere manner. After you finish, go back and watch the video or listen to the recording. See which answers could be more efficient. Then exchange roles with your practice partner. It can be a lot of fun!

Key Tip: You can reframe or flip a question back on the person in a friendly way. “What do you think?” is a great way to get someone invested in a conversation.

12 Common Questions (or Sets of Questions)

  1. Are you really Santa Claus / Mrs. Claus / an Elf?
  2. Am I on the Naughty or Nice List?
  3. What is your / their favorite cookie?
  4. Where are the reindeer? Can I see them?
  5. How do the reindeer fly? How many do you have?
  6. What do reindeer like to eat? Do they like cookies or carrots? Who is your favorite reindeer?
  7. Does Mrs. Claus or the Elves have their own Reindeer/Sleigh?
  8. Why does Rudolph’s nose glow?
  9. How do you deliver all those presents in one night?
  10. Do you know ________, my Elf on the Shelf?
  11. How do you get down the chimney / get in if there is not a chimney?
  12. Will you be able to find me if I moved / am visiting Grandma, etc.?

Did this exercise challenge you? Did it lead to more questions and ideas on answers? Excellent! Stay tuned for next week and we’ll look at some versions of answers.

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Looking At Next Year

First, a shout out to all the groups that invited us to teach throughout 2018! NORPAC (WA), OKC Santas, AZ Santas, PalmTree Santas (FL), ISC Denver, and FORBS Reunion in Southern CA—thank you so very much! Please let us know how our training has helped you and your community, plus what you would like to see included in future programs.

Second, we have an exciting year lined up for 2019. Currently, it looks like CPW workshops will be happening in Georgia, Arizona, Minnesota, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and possibly California. Dates and times are each being finalized with the various groups. Some of these workshops will be the Performing Fundamentals, and some will be the Advanced Workshops.

We are waiting to hear back from other groups. We have a few available slots left. If your community is ready for a fun, unique workshop, tailored to your community that focuses only on Christmas Performing, now is the time to contact us! Your group can actually raise money hosting a CPW workshop! Contact us at

Santa True, Cat Ellen (“Mrs. Santa True”), and all our friends at Christmas Performer Workshops (CPW)

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