Our Instructors

I am a professional, traditional storyteller. My specialty is bringing stories to life with fun, energy, and passion. One of the ways I do that is by delivering my stories in character. My personas come from a wide variety of cultures including Celtic, Norse, Western, and more. And one of my most requested characters is Santa True: the storytelling, singing, FUN Santa.

Santa True (Robert Seutter) has more than 25 years of professional storytelling experience. And he loves making folks smile with his singing, storytelling, and truly interactive style. Santa True is a real-bearded Santa, professional Santa with a background check and insurance. He is also a member of several prestigious Santa organizations such as FORBS, IRBRBS, and others.

As an instructor, Robert Seutter has been coaching performers throughout the Southern California area for more than 20 years. He brings a wealth of skills and experience to his classes and workshops in an engaging and fun experience for all participants.


Teaching at the Nationwide Santa’s Convention in Las Vegas, 2015 (photo courtesy of Santa Gordon Bailey)