Tips for April 18

Well, Hey there, hi there, Ho-Ho-Ho there! I am going to be tossing out tips and bits of lore and subjects for conversation on this site and doing it weekly. Feel free to repost. And please post in the Comments if you’d like to help keep the conversation going.

Today’s Tip: Performing Confidence

Santa needs to project an air of confidence. There are many ways we can do this via our physicality and meta-language. After you stride into the room, take a moment to survey it. Keep your torso still and survey it slowly with your head. Keep your head upright and take a deep breath. Keep gestures calm and centered around your navel. Lean forward slightly when you speak, with feet shoulder width apart, knees unlocked. Stay fluid, with an expressive face and hands but a still core.

Today’s Lore: Three Wise Men

The Three wise men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Gold for the King, Frankincense for the Priest, and Myrrh for the Physician. In some traditions, there were more than three wise men or kings. Here’s something to consider: They would have had to start years ahead to arrive at the time. Following a star that shown at night and in daylight that no one else ever recorded.

Today’s Topic of Conversation: Christmas Performers are also Re-en-actors

If you met a person portraying Benjamin Franklin or Abe Lincoln, you would want them to be very knowledgeable about who they are and the world they live in. Do we have the same standards and should we?

Let us know what you think!

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