How to Book a Santa during a Busy Holiday Season

How to Book a Santa During the Busy Holiday Season

Six Creative Tips from Santa True

Many folks want to hire a Santa for those weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and especially close to Christmas Eve. The logistics of it all can make it difficult to find the right professional Santa who has open availability. There are only so many Santas, and they can only cover a certain range of distance. On Christmas Eve, the Santas are also facing a narrow drive time for home visits. When you figure peak hours and a limited supply of professional Santas, some folks are going to have trouble confirming that coveted appointment.

But, if we think outside the box, we can help the hardworking Santa get more gigs, and more folks will get their own personal Jolly Elf! Here are some ideas you might consider.

(1) Santa visits on weeknights, too.

The closer it is to Christmas season, the fewer professional Santas you’ll find available during peak times. Save money and have more time with Santa by requesting him to visit on a weeknight. Or have Santa come to your event for Lunch or Breakfast with Santa.

(2) Santa loves surprises! And cookies, of course.

Home visits don’t have to be on Christmas Eve. Invite friends and family to come over and make cookies with a surprise special guest! You can host a party where children watch classic Christmas movies, have pajama-story time, and so on. Santa is the world’s greatest expert on cookies, after all!

(3) Santa is no stranger to the camera.

If you really want to surprise your doubters, have Santa come by when they’re not home and take video of him putting presents under the tree. Remove the presents and magically have them come back on Christmas morning. Then “discover” that the camera was left on, and lo and behold, “You caught Santa on Camera!”

(4) Sometimes Santa “accidentally” wakes you up.

Santa can come visit after the children have gone to bed, and you can quietly wake them while he’s putting presents under the tree. Santa always has time for a short visit before he hurries out to the next home!

(5) Santa says, “the more, the merrier!”

Save money by having friends contribute and participate for those special times. Santa can visit with small groups just as easily as he can with three or four children.

(6) Santa can rotate home visits.

Santa can visit Aunt Sue’s house one year and Uncle Bill’s the next. This reduces the pressure on one person to play host or hostess.

Finally, while some may think booking a professional Santa for a home visit may be expensive, consider how much you pay to have photos taken at the mall. Realize that in the mall, Santa often has very little time to talk with children. Having a professional Santa come to your home or event can create magical memories that will inspire for a lifetime!

– Santa True

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