Bringing Christmas Characters to Life (part 2 of 3)

Character Movement and Performance (part 2 of 3)

Let’s talk about movement. Our bodies are always talking. Every gesture, posture, or glance can tell an observer a little bit of information. We are telling non-verbal stories. And when we consider “character movement,” this focuses on how you can use your physical performance skills to bring your Christmas character to life.

Studies have shown that most of our communication is not spoken words. Just think about that: Standing or sitting, you are communicating. Let’s be better at it.

Also, remember that children learn how to read physical and meta-communication before they learn any verbal communication. As a Santa, that can be very useful. How we carry ourselves says a lot about our characters. It helps establish them and make them believable, quickly.

The (Movement) Walking Exercise

Here’s a movement exercise for you to try. These exercises work best when you have someone who can prompt you with the changes and watch what you do. Then exchange roles and run the exercise again.

  • Stand loose and relaxed.
  • Start walking, as normally as possible. Imagine a walk on a sunny day in a park.
  • Now, change the SIZE of the movement: Small or Big
  • Change the WEIGHT of the movement: Light or Heavy
  • Change the SPEED of the movement: Fast or Slow
  • Change the DIRECTION of the movement: Straight or Curved
  • Change the TENSION of the movement: Loose or Tight
  • Change the FOCUS of the movement: At What or Where you are looking. (Up, down, inwardly, freely, etc.)

If you have someone working with you, watch each other as you go through the exercise. You’ll find that the mood and story you are telling can change with just a few differences.

Repeat with Emotion Words

Now, let’s go one step further. Let’s try some emotion words. Try expressing those words physically while walking.

  • Happy. Sad.
  • Angry. Lost. Mischievous.
  • Important. Not Important.
  • Young. Old.

It might surprise you that most of us are pretty good at these physical expressions. We’ve been doing it all our lives.

Going Further

Now try bringing these words to life, physically.

  • Regal. Playful.
  • Mischievous. Graceful.
  • Loving: Big, to a room. Loving: Small, to a child.

Mix in some of the earlier variations, such as speed, direction, weight, or tension.

  • Mischievous Santa might include: Light, on the balls of his feet, smaller movements, somewhat quick, moving in very short lines, or curved ones, have some tightness, and be looking out of the corners of his eyes, slightly.
  • Regal Santa might move with: Larger steps, heels down first, solid steps. He would move slower, straight longer lines, his arms would be looser, and he would be looking forward at eye level.

Putting this into Practice for Specific Events

If you are going to be delivering a gift in a fun way, or do a fancy tree lighting, here are some things to work on.

  • Practice being dynamic, and watch for your key gestures when you are in character.
  • What would some of Santa’s key gestures be? Thumbs in the belt, adjust glasses… what else?
  • What would some of Mrs. C’s key gestures be? Adjusting jacket, hat, holding her hands together… what else?
  • What would an Elf’s key gestures be? Level changes, twirling a bell, bouncing… what else?

If someone can see you, then you are effectively on stage. One important rule of thumb that can help you: ALWAYS give your character something to do. Even if you have nothing in your hands, you could ponder, count, recall a joke, or actively people watch and respond.

Once we’ve started to develop our characters’ personal movement repertoire, then we can start developing relationships to other performers. How Mrs. and Mrs. Claus act towards each other can help define a relationship, without saying a word, and help you win hearts!

Stay tuned to CPW for more helpful hints! Next up: Having a more expressive face!

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