Local Workshops in SoCal

Greetings! I’m doing some planning and I could use your input.

I would like to teach two weekend workshops here in the southern California area.

(1) One workshop would be the Christmas Performer Workshop (General) where we touch on Performing Voice, Physicality, Improv, Character Work, Expressiveness, and Scene Breakdown.

(2) The second workshop would be focused on Storytelling, Building your North Pole, Building your repartee/patter, Duo Performing (actual exercises in class), and skills for non-Christmas gigs, too.

They would probably be based in the San Fernando Valley. The more attendees, the more affordable I can offer them. Just as a show of hands, would you be interested in workshop 1, 2, or both?

Feel free to share and drop me a line. Thanks, True

(Pictured are the quite fun and possibly mad folks of NorPac)