ISC Denver 2018: Photos from Classes

Christmas Performer Workshops presented six titles in seven workshop slots from two CPW instructors (with several co-panelists) #ISCDenver2018 #ISCDenver


ISC Denver: Manager and Handler Best Practices

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  • Manager and Handler Best Practices
    • It’s starts out easily enough: Someone buckles into a red suit, brushes out their beard, and asks children what they want for Christmas. Suddenly, there are hundreds of emails from GigSalad, GigMasters, not  to mention the dozens of voicemails, all hoping for “just 20 minutes on Christmas Eve at 7 PM to give out a few presents.” How does a Santa survive with all these requests? And how can any Manager or Handler sort through the communication to get Santa to the correct front door on time? Come discuss best practices using simple tools such as calendars, spreadsheets, and event printouts to ensure a reasonable schedule, a well-prepared Santa or Mrs Claus, and proper paperwork when tax season rolls around.
    •  This class will be taught by Cat Ellen (“Mrs. Santa True”) of Christmas Performer Workshops.


Manager and Handler Best Practices

ISC Denver: Hard Truths

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  • “Hard Truths”
    • While we want to think that being a Christmas performer is all hugs and candy canes, there are some things that are not so pretty. We run into things like crisis situations, scary Santas, bad actors (performers, agents, clients and more), and dealing with things like social media. In this guided discussion, we will have insights from new and veteran Christmas performers, and discuss how our community can deal with issues going forward. This is not just a gripe session, we will discuss problems AND solutions. It will be fast paced, and a sense of humor and grace is required. It will be at times irreverent and some sacred cows will get barbecued. No recordings will be allowed. We will have some notable veteran performers, and some new voices as well. If you are looking towards the future of our art form, we hope you will join us.
    • This panel will be moderated by Santa True (Robert Seutter) of Christmas Performer Workshops


Hard Truths

ISC Denver: Unique Endeavors

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  • Unique Endeavors!
    • There are so many cool gigs out there. But have you ever asked how you get them? The truth may surprise you. Sometimes it’s a Christmas Performer who comes up with the ideas and gets them rolling. If you are one of the Christmas Performers who appears on helicopters, trains, on skis, skates, motorcycles, and much more, please join us. What is it like performing on beaches and mountains, or in deserts or underwater, doing all sorts of amazing gigs, for all sorts of audiences? Let’s share the inside scoop on how it was to do them: The good, the bad, and the gnarly. Let’s talk about you got those gigs, and all the challenges that go with them. We hope you will come and share some of your experiences as well. Rumor has it we are going to have some veteran performers come share their insights, on how we get out of the chair, and catch some air!
    • This guided discussion moderated by Santa True (Robert Seutter) of Christmas Performer Workshops.


Unique Endeavors

ISC Denver: Rock Solid Santa

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  • Rock Solid Santa (The Art of the Marathon Performer)
    • We have a unique art form. As a Christmas Performer, we can be on a parade float or stage one moment, and then have our audience on our knee the very next. Multiply that by 40 or so days each season, and you are talking about one seriously challenging role. In this class, we cover specific pointers to help you make the plans that will keep you going strong throughout your season. You will want to be prepared, mentally, physically, emotionally, and logistically. Join us and share your questions, and tips as well. It’s going to be a long season: Are you ready to bring your “A” Game?
    • This class will be taught by Santa Steve Eastis (Santa to the Stars) and by Santa True (Rob Seutter) of Christmas Performer Workshops.


Rock Solid Santa

ISC Denver: The Art of Performing

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  • The Art of Performing
    • Here’s the truth: Being a Pro Christmas Performer requires TWO skill sets. One is the Business side, those best practices of being a professional Performer (contracts, hair bleaching, and all that). The Second part is Performing. And while Christmas spirit is important, it’s also handy to have some performing chops: Skills like storytelling, physicality, speaking, singing, character work, and much more. Because the magic starts inside the suit. This class is about inspiring you to be the best Christmas Performer you can be, to bring the magic. We’ll share some fun performing bits, talk about some misconceptions, and focus on some handy tips and ideas for your performing path.
    • This class will be taught twice by Santa True (Robert Seutter) of Christmas Performer Workshops.

The Art of Performing