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Let’s Build a Custom Workshop

No two groups are exactly the same. One of the unique things about CPW is that we work to tailor our programs for your group.

Your group can work with CPW to assess where are your members’ current skill sets and their interests. Then we tailor the material for your CPW workshop event and the time available.

Each of the topics below could include instruction that overlaps with other topics, such as Vocal work and Singing. And some topics for class material are broad categories with several elements for study, such as Vocals, Movement and Physicality, or Developing Back Stories. Any topic could be studied in great depth with specific exercises or addressed through overviews and highlights.

As we collaborate to design the right workshop outline for your event, we can specify how much time and detail is part of any particular topic.

Do you have a performing-related class in mind? Let us know how we can help!

Key Topics for Workshop Events

  • Performing as Christmas Folks – Where we learn about the tools of performance voice projection, physicality, singing, and working a room
  • Storytelling for Christmas Folks – What is a story, why is storytelling important, how to tell stories, types of stories, and more. This topic specifically sets down “the book as a prop” and goes to direct narration and oral-story skills.
  • Story Reading for Christmas Folks – The art of using storytelling tools to do better Story-Reading, with books as props. There are some important differences between story reading and storytelling!
  • The Santa Cheat-Sheet / Creating the Rock Solid Santa – Building your repartee, and reflexes for problem situations
  • Creativity and Coaching for Christmas Folks – Getting and Giving the Feedback you Need, plus Networking to raise our collective skills
  • Time to Shine: Performing for Mrs. Claus and Female Performers – A workshop designed for female Christmas Performers, Managers, and Handlers and their unique skills and needs
  • Building Your North Pole: Creating your Unique Santa Character Back Story – This course material is very helpful for couples and for performers working in teams.
  • Creating Tell-able Tales for your Christmas Character – Finding Traditional Tales and Creating Stories that are fun and unique to your Santa!
  • Marketing Magic for your Clients – Helping our Clients make the very best use of their Santas, in addition to helping you have better gigs!
  • The Long Strange Journey: A Secular Look at the History of Christmas and Santa Claus – Our history is stranger than you think. Knowing more about the full history of Santa Claus over the centuries is rewarding and entertaining.
  • Tools of the Performer – Advanced work on key moments in a performance such as Exits, Entrances, and Tree Lightings, with specific information on coaching, voice, photo opportunities, and more.
  • Fun with Props and Technology – Working with Props, Using Sound Systems, and Other Devices to excel as performers
  • Re-Thinking the Santa Community – A roundtable discussion and workshop, where we look at issues in our community and come up with ideas and plans.
  • Movement and Physicality – Creating Believable Characters without Saying a word
  • Power Vocals! – Building your Vocal strength and Repetoire. Learn the exercises that will help you build the voice that will carry you through your season.
  • Christmas Improv – How to make the best of any situation and build character play with your audience and staff. Learn how to “go for the agreement!”
  • One-on-One Coaching – For those performers who need help on their creative projects and performance journeys
  • Operation Christmas Character – Send your Elves and other Christmas Characters to this workshop to help them get ready to be an amazing part of the Claus Team.
  • Photo Mojo – Learn how to Model for the camera, take charge of random photo scenes, and how to take photos, do photo bombs, and do amazing video greetings and “Elfies”
  • Auditioning for Commercials – Commercial work is its own weird world: Going out to auditions, understanding the who-what-where-when-why of commercial work and agents, and more. This is an important class if you want to get that callback!