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What People are Saying about CPW

To say I’m thrilled to have gone through this workshop is an understatement. This workshop taught me what it means to be a Christmas performer and how to be the best performer I can be. It pushed me passed my comfort zone and showed me that I can do this if I put in the hard work. I’m so excited about the upcoming season. Thank you to OKLAHOMA IBRBS for holding this workshop and to Santa True for showing us how to be better at what we do!! – John Rolls

Santa True…thank you for all that you do and helping us here in Oklahoma be the best christmas performers we can be…YOU ROCK! Taking your CPW now for the 2nd year has been so rewarding and filled us with some wonderful knowledge and love for what we do. Anyone who wants to be the best they can be need you and CPW in their life ….forever be humble! 🎅🤶❤ – Debbie Buffalo Hartsell

I attended Robert Seutter’s Fundamentals class in 2018 with my Santa Larry and don’t have room here to list all of the benefits! Not only did I get valuable insight into Santa’s world, there was great material for Mrs. Claus as well!! 🤶🏻 I rarely give glowing scores, so this 5-star rating is big!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Daneta Combs-Blair

Christmas Performers Workshop is so much more than the Reindeer Macarena. We spent two days stretching physically, mentally, and above all creatively in collaboration with Santa True and my fellow Oklahoma Santas Group. What a charge! We wrote, we practiced and improvised with each other, we laughed, and we learned. There is no other class like this one, led by a master storytelling Santa with lessons for both the novice and experienced Clauses. If you must choose one class to take this year and you want the biggest bang for your buck, choose the CPW. You’ll get a coach for life, skills to refresh your gigs and oh, yeah, the reindeer macarena, too. But trust me, that’s just the beginning! – Jocelyn Whitney

We had a great time learning from Robert. He pushed us beyond our comfort zone and showed us how we could improve our Claus personas. We feel like we benefitted greatly, but the true beneficiaries will be the families that we visit this next year! Thanks Robert for the information and encouragement. We would highly recommend this training for any serious Christmas performer. – Greg Gilpin

Such a wonderful workshop. Truly a performers event. Instead of spending 2 days being TOLD how to or what to, we spent 2 days being SHOWN and then practicing the skills. A real WORKshop…and well worth the effort. One of the most valuable Santa events I’ve attended. – Bill Kenney

We had an awesome workshop! And some great stories were created and told. Thanks again! – Daneta C

I, too, highly recommend Santa True and Christmas Performer Workshops. Brings performance up at least two notches. Everyone should at least take the basic course. – Bo Turner

All of the Santa schools mentioned have a lot to offer. To really round out your performance chops, though, attending the Christmas Performer Workshops basic course must be on your list. The focus here is on the elements that take a performance to the next level. Backstory, storytelling and story-reading, improv…the tools you need to extend a performance from “90 seconds in the chair” to an hour or longer. I’ve attended the basic and advanced courses and it’s really levelled up my character. – Jim Beidle

This was the first workshop I had ever attended for a character role. I am training to be Mrs. Claus. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised at all the Santas in the room. I actually felt like a little kid again seeing them all. As the workshop went on, I was amazed at all the work that goes into being a Santa. Then, I was impressed at the amount of information Santa True provided, his presentation skills, his voice, his ability to engage an audience, and to keep our attention. It truly was a great conference and I am blessed to be a part of such a warm and loving community. Although my group that attended the workshop is training for a specific non-profit, it was amazing to know all the possibilities we could apply to improve on the experience we provide. Santa True took the time to to sit with our group and provided valuable information that was priceless. I now look forward to developing my Mrs. Claus character and perfecting my craft. I will absolutely attend another workshop. – Barbara L.

Last weekend Santa’s Drill Team hosted the Christmas Performers workshop by Robert “Santa True” Seutter. This was an outstanding workshop, Santa True is a very talented, gifted, enthusiastic and entertaining instructor, do NOT miss a chance to attend one of his workshops. – From part of a review from Former President of IBRBS, Bob Elkin

After attending “Christmas Performer Workshops” by Robert S. this weekend, I have to say it was one of the BEST classes I ever attended. I had never heard of Robert until Branson 2016! He got a standing ovation when the 2-day workshop was over in MN. The workshop included ideas about using talents and experience of members within your state group or local surrounding theatrical and community ed for performing. He gave us more resources to polish our performance. We had new Santas and Mrs. Claus’s as well as 30-year experienced Santas. He captured and kept the attention of all. Every single person who did the workshop left with a wealth of knowledge to help them be a better Santa or Mrs. Claus personae. I for one am grateful that Robert S is willing to travel and share his knowledge. We eagerly look forward to his return to MN. – Randy

The single BEST performing workshop I have been a part of!!!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Al Jastrum

If you have never attended one of Santa True’s workshop I highly recommend it. You will gain knowledge and confidence in your performances! – Michael Keith Wubker Sr.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Christmas Performers Workshops gets a 5-STAR rating from Minnesota Santas. Massive amounts of important material to bring your Santa personae to a new level!! Thank You, Robert, for sharing your time and talent in Minnesota this past weekend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best instructions that are not only for Santa but also for use in your personal life, sonce we all have room for improvement. Looking forward to another session this year. Thanks for what you do, True! – Michael Webster

I will say this about Mr. Robert Seutter, he is a standup help ya out kinda guy and I will never forget the crash course Santa 101/201/301 till 2 am! He was my lifeline when needed most. – Dean H.

…Your workshop presented to NORPAC last November was excellent. You can always teach an old dog new tricks and I know my game improved after your coaching. – Jerry Nebel, NorPac

TRUEly wonderful and helpful information, as usual! – Joe Pridgen

Agree, Robert Seutter is an excellent instructor… not every teacher gets a standing ovation at the end of their 2 day workshops!! … Your material is unique and generates new interest as well as return of past participants! We got a “whirlwind” of a lot of topics on your first visit and saw the professional knowledge you have as an instructor and how you captivate and keep classroom attention. Wishing you continued success!! – Randy and Debra Ann Gabrelcik

I know personally I’m a better Christmas performer because I attended CPW sessions and I know first hand a number of Santa’s who would agree. – Santa J.

CPW is the top in-person course for Santa. It is for those of you that want to be rebooked as performing Santa. Plus, we have had True to the Northwest for both intro course and adv course. It has paid off big for us!!! – Santa R.

Standing Ovation at the end of class, thanks folks!